Sheriffs Office, Fort Carson

BCSD Diaries

BCSD Diaries is a series due to start on YouTube following the Bone County Sheriffs Department of the SA:MP gaming server Fort Carson RolePlay.

Inspiration for the series comes from a number of sources, including Life in the Met (A YouTube series by DutchResponseUnit), The Bill (A long running British Police Drama set in the Metropolitan Police), and Police Interceptors (A TV Series following the South Yorkshire High Speed intercept vehicles, which double as ANPR Units.)

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The Series is due to start in February 2012, with series 1 being a minimum of 5 episodes.

# Sypnosis Upload Date

The Sheriffs car is stolen. The Sheriff himself goes after the thief in this special introductory episode

1 A man is non-compliant during a traffic stop, and refuses to put his hands in the air. He is shot at and leads Undersheriff Johnson on a foot pursuit. 13/02/2012
2 2 simple traffic stops lead to pursuits, and one has serious consequences on an officer. 20/02/2012


The Bone County Sheriffs Department have Jurisdiction within the whole of Bone County, which includes:

-Fort Carson

-Las Payasadas

-Valle Ocultado

Recently, the SD obtained jurisdiction for Tierra Robada, which includes the towns of:

-El Quebrados

-Las Barrancas

The Team

Sheriff Bobby Tolan

Undersheriff Mike Johnson

Deputy Conroy Alex

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